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Power Window Repairs in Bonita Springs Florida

Power Window Repairs for Cars and Trucks in Bonita Springs

Are you searching for information on having the power windows for your car or truck repaired in Bonita Springs? Imagine dealing with a local family owned business where we treat you like a member of the family. We offer you the same kind of honest advice we would offer our own brother or sister. We treat you with the same level of respect we would our mothers or fathers. And we treat you with the same level of friendliness we would our best friend.

Yes We Repair Power Windows

If your car is currently having power window problems give us a call and we would be happy to help you Monday - Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. Call (239)597-7881 for an appointment or estimate.

After Hours?

If you have car problems have the towing company of your choice (such as AAA) tow your car and leave it at our shop. Then just leave your keys and contact information in our night drop box, and we'll contact you in the morning to see how we may serve you.

What Some Car Repair Services May Not Want You To Know

There are many honest and friendly car repair businesses in town. Just like ours. There are also many that may appear friendly but may do things that are not in your best interest. With that in mind we thought the best way to protect you is to give you a few tips on what to watch for. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, like oil changes for under $10. We've all seen the rising gas prices at the pumps, so how can some places sell oil so cheap? The answer is that once your vehicle is on the lift, they hit you with a long, expensive list of services they claim you immediately need. Likewise, buy-one-tire-get-one-free deals inevitably come with an array of hidden services you must purchase to qualify, which usually end up costing the same as the savings. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you're told a part on your vehicle is bad, ask to see it and for an explanation of how it is malfunctioning. Ask to see the replacement part as well. This can provide you with a clear picture of how the part is supposed to function. An educated consumer is a businessman's best friend. Beware of any one who refuses to meet your inquiries.

FAQs About Power Window Repairs

Why does one of my power windows not work? When one of the power windows stops working, it is usually due to a bad window motor and/or regulator. This is the system of cables and hinges that the window ride on, and the motor that powers it.

Why do none of my power windows work? When all of the power windows stop working simultaneously it is usually because the gang switch is not working. This is the switch, commonly located on the drivers door, that controls all of the windows.

How Do We Repair Your Car or Trucks Power Window?

We repair your power windows the same way we would repair the power windows in our own car or truck. With quality parts, built to last, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure that when your repair is done, it's been done right, the first time.

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